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A little 'bout me:

I am one of them people who likes to do a bit of everything! I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, swimming, all sorts of outdoor sports. My faveorite thing to do in the winter is snowboard. Right now I can't becouse my board needs to be fixed! I am Lifeguard at a local rehab pool, and I lifeguard at a summer camp, as well as be a counsler. That is so much fun! I am now the oldest of 10... yes, 10! Not many people can say THAT now days! Most of them are brothers.... yuck! One sister., almost as bad as the brothers. One of my faveorite things to do on-line is play games, like checkers or spades at Yahoo, and chat to people from all over. On the quieter side of me, I really enjoy a good book. The author that I like the most is Anne McCaffery, with the 'Dragons of Pern' series. Fantacy stuff always interested me. Stargazing is another thing that I like to do. I like to just sit and look!

Art Stuff

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.... on paper, and on the walls! When my family and I moved to NC(when I was around 13), and found out that the local Arts Council supported young artists, I put some of my drawings in the anual art show for the youth. One of them was a colored pencil drawing of a party seen from a 'birds eye' view. All the people in this drawing were not people, but mice, and I called it 'Mousequrade'. A lady bought that drawing and took it with her to Australia to give to a grand-daughter, and when she got back she contacted me and asked for two more in that same design for her other grand-daughter, and grand-son. Began my artistic career as an 'Internation Artist'. Since then I have sent other drawings over seas to private collections in Africa, and Hawii. I also have things all over the states and Cananada. I have also worked on many murals in my county, and began my own buisness know as 'On The Wall'. So now, I draw and paint on the walls and no one yells at me for it.... they also pay me for it, so I am having fun!!


When I was little I loved it when my parents read stories to me. Then after we moved up here, to NC, I did not have many friends, and nothing to do, so I started writing. One reason I think is becouse anything can happen.... people could fly if you wanted them to, or dragons and unicorns could come back to life. It was a way of getting away from the dull boring life and living one full of adventure! I have tryed to put a little about each of my stories here for you to checkout.


The first ti time that I went up in the air, it was in a World War 2 L5. That plane is only wide enough to let you sit there, not to do much else! My sister had gone up in the same plane before me and told the Pilot, a friend of my dad's, that I loved the thought of flying. So when we went up he asked me if I knew how to fly a type of plane like the L5. I told him "No." and he said, "Would you like to learn?" That made my day. I said, "Yes." and he showed me how. Then he asked me, "So, Now do you know how?" I told him that I did, and thanked him for the lesson, and he asked me if I would be interested in being a pilot, and flying planes like the L5. I said that I would. Then he held his hands up in a surrendering way, and said, "It's all yours." So I got to fly the first time in the air! That is a very big memory that is impossible to loose. Since then I have looked into taking a ground school for pilots, and I might be able to get my Pilot's Licence soon. I have also made friends with some pilots here and have gone up in an aerobatics craft, and a little Cessina. This picture is of Me, my sister Jessica, and one of my brothers, Micah, in front of the plane that we were just getting out of at a fly-in at the local airport.



I have a bit of Norwegian blood in my line, my great grandmother on my Dad's side is a full blood Norwegian. We call her "Oldemor". That is Grandmother in Norway. *South Carolina* I lived in South Carolina from the time I was born till I turned 11. Then we moved up here to North Carolina. When we moved up here, we where following a job of my Dad's. We camped out a lot 'till we found a house to move into. That is the first and only house that we have up here so far. It was built in the 1920's. 3 bedrooms, and one bathroom. That makes for an interesting morning, with six young boys, two teenage girls, and two parents!!


I am getting into a little bit of Archery, and Volley Ball(not pro!). I would love to play on a baseball team, but girls are not allowed.

NC Page Program

I have been a page for the Governor twice, and a page for the House of Representatives once, and I would love to be a Governor's page again. You have to walk a lot, but it is loads of fun! This picture is of me and the Lt. Governer, on the second time I was a Governor's page. Look at my hair!! What was I thinking?!?! Oh, well. I guess it was one of them, "Try it and then you will know that you will never do it again" things! A Governor's Page runs erands for the Governor, and/or other people that work at Raligh. I would recomend being a page to any one. I know a few outher people that I worked with that would echo my words on that subject. You also met the most interesting people! One of the Lt. Governer's security guards was one of the funniest people I have ever met!  

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